Catching Up



It’s been a long time since I’ve entered a blog post, but it’s been a productive and fun time. I kept painting chickens right up to mid-December when it was time to convert my art room into a guest bedroom and revel in our Christmas festivities. 

And now it’s a new year. Always a delightful proposition. A new beginning. Although I have given up making New Year’s resolutions, after the holidays I find satisfaction in rearranging my priorities. High on my list this year is to return to the development of my website. I’m fairly comfortable using a computer, but designing a website has been a whole new kind of challenge.

A year ago I had started with Over the summer I found I couldn’t get the one-on-one support I need.  I’d much rather be painting than toiling for hours over how to embed a caption on a pop-up photo.  So I asked around about sites that had better customer support. In the end, I have chosen Weebly – they have a reputation for having good support, I have a friend who uses it and said it was pretty straight forward and she’s willing to help from time to time.
I plan to set aside a few hours each week to work on it. The first challenge is to renew my domain name and move it from the old site to the new host. Stay tuned!