Fowl Fall


For a couple of years now I have been fascinated with chickens – taking photos and watching them when I’ve had the opportunity. They come in a variety of colors and plumage and such wonderful shapes. Sometimes they seem to defy gravity tottering a huge body over such a small base. When I saw a Silver Lace Wyandotte, I thought of houndstooth check. So back in Phoenix, I started playing around with chickens.


This was my first try at weaving a houndstooth check. I started by painting a black and white striped bird that looked like a referee. Then I wove strips of black and white painted paper in a twill pattern – four of each.   I liked it’s loose graphic-like feeling… almost a sketch. This small one led to a larger,  an even more exaggerated one.

PictureThe strong graphic nature of this design led me to use it on fabric and cards.  I’ve also had it printed on watercolor paper and on a canvas gallery wrap. .

I’ve spent the entire fall working with other colors and shapes, coming up with a whole series of chickens. One might call it a flock