Big “A”, little “a”, bouncing “B”


I was recently introduced to a book by Danny Gregory called Art Before Breakfast. He distinguishes little “a” art from capital “A” Art.  His distinctions pretty accurately describe a tussle I’ve had within myself many times. If I’m creating something with the expectation that I hope it will be “Art”, it’s pretty intimidating and impossible from the start. This book is an enjoyable read with exercises for anyone interested in exploring sketching and its value as a “de-stresser”. He’s very encouraging and gives excellent step-by-step guidelines for drawing the things you see every day. He has a good sense of humor and expressive drawing style. I found his invitation to create art with a little “a” every day attractive, and in the end, more productive.

So since launching my website, I have tried to keep my sketchbook handy and make a sketch almost every day.

Some came out well.  Some have led me to beautiful places, if not beautiful paintings.  A couple led to interesting conversations… for example, while I was in Dreamy Draw Mountain Preserve two hikers stopped to inquire. Turned out he is an accomplished painter who gave me advice on my drawing and talked of the merits of taking a class in life drawing. And as I waited for our car to be serviced, I had fun trying to capture the crazy waving windsock Tall Man.  

March was a time to be with family…out hiking in the blooming desert and of course there was baseball. 

Also, watching a demo by Stan Kurth invited me to really loosen up… one might even say adopt a slap-dash approach to the day’s sketch of the ballpark. And when it was done, it seemed to invite a step beyond paints.  ​​​